“The Rose” Installation for Nuit Blanche

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Shear Display was given the opportunity to take part in Toronto’s Nuit Blanche as the installers for “The Rose is Without Why”, by French artist Boris Achour.

The installation featured a custom designed mounting system, and fluorescent tube lights were used to spell out a short poem by 17th-century poet Johannes Scheffler.

The rose is without why, it blooms because it blooms, it cares not for itself, asks not if it is seen.

The poem stretched nearly one hundred meters across one of the elevated walkways at Nathan Phillips Square next to Toronto’s City Hall, The Nuit Blanche epicenter. Stationed next to other installations by big-name artists such as Ai Weiwei (Forever Bicycles) and Alain Declercq (Crash Cars), the Rose was admired by hundreds of thousands or people.

Nuit Blanche is a free all-night contemporary art event that takes place in cities all over the world. Toronto’s attendance was estimated at 1,000,000 people.

More information: Nuit Blanche Website, Boris Achour’s Website

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